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Good Vibes, Great Hair isn’t just a sign on our door, it’s why we show up to work every day. And it’s not just about our clients. At process. we’re a family, and we know delivering a wonderful experience to our clients starts with cultivating a positive work environment for every single family member.

Good Vibes

The good vibes come first. Everything we do is built upon our commitment to foster an uplifting environment for everyone at process. We’re dedicated to each other’s success, and we think it’s important to have fun at work.

Great Hair

The whole process. family is passionate about hair, duh! We take pride in giving our clients world-class, confidence inspiring haircuts, and we challenge each other to become the best stylists we can be.

We Invest in our Family

We’re not kidding when we say we’re supportive. As a Salon, we partner with every family member to help them set and reach professional development goals. Our desire is for every member of the process. family to learn, grow, and advance their career here at process.

What are you Waiting for?

Do you have a passion for good vibes and great hair? We’d love to meet you! Complete the form below to apply for a job with the process. family.

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